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Essential Construction Training Courses

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Working on site can only be made as safe as possible when everyone is sufficiently trained. A lack of knowledge can be dangerous, therefore posing a risk of injury. Construction workers should be clued up on a few basic things, as well as being armed with relevant knowledge for the machinery they use. Let’s take a look at a few of the essential construction training courses.

Fire Safety Training

All employees on site should have received fire safety training. In addition, there should also be a designated fire warden, who has additional training. This is a legal requirement and it’s the employer’s duty to provide this training.

Manual Handling Training

Any job that requires employees to move objects or machinery should provide manual handling training. This essential knowledge gives people the tools they need to carry out their work safely. There is a huge risk of injury when lifting, pulling or pushing objects, and there is potential to cause lifelong discomfort including chronic back and neck pain. Injuries can result in the need to take time off work, or even change careers in extreme cases.

Training employees to lift and move objects safely is very important. The nature of site work includes handling heavy objects, so manual handling training is a construction training essential.

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Machinery Training

Any machinery that employees are required to use can pose a risk, particularly in untrained hands. Therefore, training should be given before any work is required using that equipment. At Westcountry Training Services, we provide a range of machinery training courses. These will ensure that your employees can operate the equipment safely.

Improper use of heavy machinery can be devastating. Not only does it pose a risk to the individual, it also is a danger to everyone else on site. Knowing the limitations of the equipment can be the difference between an accident and a safe worksite.

Training For Working At Height

As well as machinery training, we also offer different courses for working at height. This includes operating equipment that will lift employees up as well as the use of harnesses and lanyards. If any of the work that you do involves working at height, t’s essential that your construction training includes specific courses for this. This training is designed to reduce the risk of falls or unsafe working practices.

For Construction Training, Choose Westcountry Training Services

We offer a number of different courses that are designed to educate those who work on construction sites. If you need to book your employees on to any of our courses, get in touch today and we can discuss which courses would be suitable.

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